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Welcome to Kelowna's newest restaurant, a barista style cafe, serving your favorite Americanco, Cappuccino, Latté, or a chilling smoothie, along with taste tempting pannini, beef wraps, soups and salads and finishing off with mouth watering, hand crafted truffles chocolates and other dessert delights.
Truffles Chocolate Cafe
Kelowna, BC
250 • 859 • 2626

Mon to Fri.  •  9:00am - 6:00pm Saturday    •  9:30am - 6:00pm Sunday      •  Closed
sweet treats and latte
About the Café

All menu items at Truffles Chocolate Cafe, Kelowna's newest luncheon cafe/restaurant located in the heart of the Cultural District, are created in house.

The chicken and beef for the panni, wraps and soups, are fresh roasted daily. The pesto is carefully prepared from the home grown herb garden. The soups, salads, panni and wraps are made fresh when ordered.

A full plus taste tempting Smoothies and mouth watering desserts combined with a comfortable relaxing atmosphere make Truffles Chocolate Cafe a must try.
Barista style coffee and hand made truffles chocolates from Truffles Chocolate Cafe, Kelowna
Enjoy a picnic
at the beach
with our
Individual or Group Lunch Boxes
Chocolate Fountain Rentals in Kelowna, BC. Enjoy the aroma and taste of chocolate at your next function.

A Chocolate Fountain rental makes an elegant yet distinctive contribution to any function or special occasion. Whether it is a wedding, company dinner, reception or buffet the sight and smell of melted chocolate cascading down the fountain makes your event unique and the talk of the town.


freshly prepared wraps and pannini
fresh espresso being poured
Truffles Chocolates, hand made in Kelowna, BC
Chocolate gift baskets are available at Truffles Chocolate Cafe
Hand made chocolates from Truffles Chocolate Cafe, Kelowna
Truffles To Die For are handmade in Kelowna, B.C. with imported Belgian Chocolate, liqueurs and natural preservatives. Truffles are best enjoyed immediately to appreciate
the rich chocolate taste.
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